Our Story

Beta Life was designed and created by two best friends, who care deeply about family & Friends! Therefore, we have decided to bring you the most reliable & trusted CBD products in South Africa.

By partnering up with the finest teams to bring you quality and reliable products you deserve.

All our products are made with the finest ingredients to ensure you’re getting the best, so you can feel your best.

We take pride in our work and show it though our brand!

Some might say we’re good friends and some might say we best friends but in all honesty we brothers!

We are different in many ways but the same when it comes to life and passion towards our business. We both hold strengths in different areas which makes the team stronger together.

As we have grown into this business, we have found through research how this product can assist in the treatments of a many number of conditions and ailments.

For many years Dylan has suffered from cluster headaches and migraines, and while pharmaceuticals have assisted to the best of their abilities. Their side effects would cause him to miss out on a lot of family time. Since then, CBD has helped him to manage his pain and given him back the lost time with his family due to drowsiness and other side effects.

What better way to know if the product works, than by being a living testament yourself?