Dosage Guidelines

The following guidelines may assist you with determining the ideal dosage based on your body weight. Due to the nature of this product having a different effect on each individual, we suggest always starting low and increasing the dosage and regularity of use on a daily basis until a desired theraputical effect is achieved.

Daily dosage suggestions based on body weight:

Mild Strength (Entry Level) – (1mg CBD per 8kg)
20kg – 40kg = 5mg
40kg – 70kg = 9mg
70kg – 110kg = 14mg
110kg + = 20mg
Medium Strength – (1mg CBD per 5kg)
20kg – 40kg = 8mg
40kg – 70kg = 14mg
70kg – 110kg = 22mg
110kg + = 30mg
High Strength – (1mg CBD per 3kg)
20kg – 40kg = 13mg
40kg – 70kg = 23mg
70kg – 110kg = 37mg
110kg + = 50mg
The maximum recommended daily dosage according to the Medicines Control Council of South Africa is 20mg daily.
The effect of the product will vary based on the status of one’s health. Generally speaking, the more regular CBD user will not feel the effect as prominent as someone who is unhealthy or ill. This is due to how our body’s’ endocannabinoid system regulates CBD and brings about a healthy balance to your body. A healthier individual would therefore require less CBD per use.

How often should a product be used:

To determine how often one should take CBD you would first need to look at what you intend on using the CBD for and what product you will be using.

There are many ways to consume CBD and each different method provides different effects over different periods of time.


CBD oil works best for onset pain. It is recommended that you use this kind of product as and when you require some relief. CBD oils are fast-absorbing and will bring about relief within a few minutes. The effect of the product will last between 30min – 40min based on how strong of a dosage is taken. Higher-strength dosage = more prolonged relief.

CBD Edibles / Capsules

Due to edibles needing to be digested for the product to take effect, the effect of such a product may take anywhere from 30min – 60min to start providing you with relief. These products will, however, provide you with a more intense and drawn out therapoeutical effect with could last anywhere from 1 – 3 hours. It recommended that these products are taken once a day after food.